Lost Letter Adventures

Lost Letter Adventures


The whole Disney Junior gang is back for Lost Letter Adventures, the latest installment in the Ready For Preschool Games series, another fun and educational game at the same time, where Mickey needs your help in collecting all of the letters that have been lost from his book, because he needs to fill it up with them again, which is how the children playing this game are going to learn the alphabet, together with their favorite Disney characters!

In each level you have to collect different letters, starting with A, and you do it using different vehicles made for that environment. For example, in the first level, you collect the letters A from space, moving past the obstacles and asteroids, and avoiding any other letters. Collect just the A's, because they fill up the bar, but if you collect other letters, the bar is going to slowly decrease, and only when it is full you finish that level and move on to the following letter of the alphabet.

To move your vehicles you use t

How to Play

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