Disney Junior Matching

Disney Junior Matching


One of the games we are most excited about right now in sharing with you here is called Disney Junior Matching, and it is the latest game belonging to the Disney Junior Games category to feature multiple shows on the network, including Vampirina, Mira Royal Detective, Mickey Mouse Mixe-Up Adventures, Puppy Dog Pals, as well as TOTS: Tiny Ones Transport Service.

Even better than having no less than six shows to play with, there are also three mini-games available for each, all of them having to match as their focus, and each of them being playable in the easy, medium, and hard levels of difficulty. The first one is Matching Pairs, which is a classic memory game, only it uses windows of different kinds, instead of cards.

Click on two windows at a time to see the characters or items hidden behind them, and then, if they are identical, they remain visible, so do this to reveal all the pairs. In the same way, you play What Goes Together? but instead of having identical pairs

How to Play

Tap To Play.