1-2-3 Cookies

1-2-3 Cookies


Welcome, all to 1-2-3 Cookies, one of the latest Ready for Preschool Games from Disney Junior of which we've had here in the past before, featuring other characters from these shows we know you love so much, and because this new one features the lovely Minnie Mouse, one of the most iconic characters ever, we are positive that this is going to be the biggest hit game of the day, as it should since it's a great time to be had, as we already know.

In it, together with Minnie, you are going to cook cookies, but we're sure you've probably already realized all that from the game's title. While following the recipe and cooking the cookies properly, using the necessary ingredients and tools, you are also going to learn how to count, which is the educational aspect that it wants to teach preschool children.

For example, you will break three eggs in a bowl, or pour six cans of milk, learning how to count, and learning how to count more and more until your child becomes an exper

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